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Program Assessment

Instructions for using the PREM assessment instruments

Welcome to the PREM's Assessment page!

The Assessment component of our program is very important for two reasons:

  1. to show our funding agency that we are fulfilling our stated objectives, and
  2. to know which areas or activities of our program need improvement.

Therefore, it is vital that all PREM faculty and students, and our program's affiliates fill the following questionnaires as soon as necessary. Please read the following descriptions to determine which instrument you need to use and when:

  • If you were recently involved, in any way, in a PREM's related formal presentation, a publication, a proposal, a new course, workshop or outreach activity, please fill this "activity assessment questionnaire” ( Please, make sure that you repeat the questionnaire for each activity.
  • If you are organizing a workshop, talk or any other outreach activity, you can download an assessment questionnaire from the following links in its Spanish version or English one. Distribute this questionnaire among the participants or the audience beforehand and at the end of the activity collect the filled ones. If you are at UPRM, send us an email to and we will pick them up. If you are at UW, please FedEx them to the following address: PREM Assessment Project (Marla Perez Lugo) Dept. of Social Sciences - CISA UPRM, P.O. Box 9266 Mayagüez, PR 00681-9266
  • If you need to assess the improvement in your students' laboratory skills, please fill the "lab skills assessment” ( Please make sure to fill the questionnaire for each student and for each semester or term.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. If you have any question or comment about the PREM assessment project do not hesitate to contact Marla Perez Lugo, at or at CISA (787) 832-4040 ext. 2108.

Advisory Board

    The advisory board is formed by:

  • Two representatives from US academia and industry
  • Three representatives from PR academia and industry
  • Dr. Richard Siegel, Director of Rensselaer Nanotechnology Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
  • Dr. Manuel Gómez, former Vice-President of the University of Puerto Rico System and Director of UPR Resource Center for Science and Engineering.
  • Prof. Lueny Morell, Coordinator of University Relations, Hewlett Packard Caribe, Ltd.
  • Dr. Carlos A. Tollinche, Director of Scientific Affairs, Industry-University Research Consortium (INDUNIV), Puerto Rico.
  • Dr. Krishnan K. Sankaran , Senior Fellow, Boeing Co., St. Louis.


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