Student Laboratory Skills Assessment


Dear PREM researcher, as part of the assessment of the PREM program, we request that you assess how your students' laboratory skills have changed after his/her participation in his/her research experience. Please assess the progress of your participating student after the research experience with respect to his/her skills at the beginnig of his work. When you finish, you can either go back to the beginning of the evaluation questionnaire to assess the improvement of another student or exit the form to the general assessment page.

1. Please tell us your name and last name:

2. Please tell us your student's name and last name:

3. Please indicate whether the research experience was related to course work, a research project under your supervision or some other activity.

In the following section, please provide us with you candid assessment as to the degree to which you agree with the provided statements. Keep in mind that each statement addresses, in various dimensions, how your student's laboratory performance has changed after having completed his/her experience as compared to his or her performance at the beginning of said experience. If you have been unable to observe any of the mentioned skills, please select the “Not applicable” option.

4. The student shows greater ability at following instructions.

5. His or her ability to select appropriate equipment has improved.

6. His or her ability to operate the equipment has increased

7. His or her ability to identify and control experimental parameters has improved.

8. The student is better able to safely conduct experiments.

9. The student shows increased observational skills

10. His or her measurement skills has improved

11. The student shows increased ability to interpret experimental observations

12. His or her ability to express experimental results in writing has improved

13. His or her ability to orally express experimental results has improved

14. The student shows increased capability to draw generalizations from experiments

15. He or she is better able to identify experimental limitations

16. The student's ability to suggest improvements to experiments has increased.

17. His or her ability to plan and organize experiments has improved.

18. The student's skill at proposing experimental designs has improved.