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2004 Nuggets

At UPRM for the first time parent Na0.7CoO2 has been successfully synthesized by sol-gel route in powder and thin film forms (December 2004). More information...

Ely X. Colón Jiménez, undergraduate PREM student presented a talk on his summer experience at UW working on Na0.7CoO2 in the Applied Superconductivity Center under the guidance of Prof. E. E. Hellstrom. The presentation took place Friday Aug. 13.

New Course on Nanomaterials offered at UPRM by PREM faculty (Fall 2004). More information...

Prof. J. Santos has been designated Interim Chairperson of the Dept. of General Engineering, UPRM on Aug. 12. An ad hoc committee conformed by 4 members of the department faculty was elected to search for a new department head. In PREM Prof. Jeannette Santos leads the education and outreach thrust area. (Aug. 2004).

Alfredo Pagán Feliciano, undergraduate PREM participant, received a NASA Puerto Rico Space Grant Consortium (PRSGC) Fellowship to work on the project: “Aluminum Matrix Nanocomposites for Aerospace Applications.” Prof. O. M. Suárez supervises the project from Aug. 2004 through July 2005.

PREM students and faculty participate in outreach activities to raise awareness on materials research amongst youth (Summer 2004). More information...

Prof. O. Perales presented a talk titled 'Synthesis of ZnO and ZnS-based Nanostructures during the 3rd International Scientific Conference-Winter Session held on July 30th-August 2nd, 2004 in Lima, Perú (July 2004).

PREM Award announced during press conference in MayagŁez (April 2004). More information...


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