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PREM Students Receive Award in National Competition

During the Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) held in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 30 through November 4, 2005 two students participating in the UPRM/UW PREM program received the first and second prizes for their posters in the Materials Division of AIChE. Claribel Acevedo, a PREM Chemical Engineering undergraduate student was awarded the first prize for her poster titled “Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel Nanoparticles.” In the same competition, Richard Lorenzo, a PREM-affiliated Chemical Engineering major was awarded the second place for his poster on “Measurements of Torque and Flow in Magnetic Nanoparticle Suspensions (Ferrofluids).”

It should also be noted that Claribel participated in the 2005 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She worked under the supervision of Prof. Eric V. Shusta on the project titled: "A Protein Capture Methodology for Increasing Protein Expression in Yeast."

Prof. Carlos Rinaldi, UPRM PREM professor is the research mentor of both students. In the same AIChE meeting he gave two presentations on “Magnetically Driven Surface Flows in Ferrofluids” and “Magnetorheological Measurements in Suspensions of Magnetic Nanoparticles.” Four more posters were presented by his students, also PREM supported and affiliated on diverse topics related to magnetorheological fluids, and magnetite nanoparticles and nanofibers. This is the second year in a row when PREM students have received awards for their posters in the AIChE Annual Meeting.

Claribel Acevedo, Richard Lorenzo  and Carlos Rinaldi

PREM Student Claribel Acevedo (left) and Richard Lorenzo (right) with their advisor Dr. Carlos Rinaldi (middle).

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