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Undergraduate Students

Daniel Ortiz (Chemical Engineering)
Daniel Ortiz
Daniel worked with Prof. Oscar Perales and obtained his BS in Chemical Engineering from UPRM, and is pursuing graduate degree in Materials Science at UW under the supervision of Prof. Chang-Beom Eom.

Olga Medina (MS - Physics)
Olga Medina
Olga graduated with an MS in Physics in May 2005 and participated as PREM Education & Outreach assistant to Prof. Jeannette Santos.

Shawn Veguilla (Chemical Engineering)
Shawn Veguilla

Victoria Badillo (Social Sciences)
Victoria Badillo
Victoria worked in PREM assessment assisting Prof. Marla Pérez.


Graduate Students

Humberto Melgarejo (MS Student, Mechanical Engineering)
Humberto Melgarejo

Juan Otaño (MS Student, Mechanical Engineering)
Juan Otaño


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