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Research Areas

Magnetic Nanostructures & Spintronics
Al-B-X Nanocomposites
MgB2-type superconductors

Magnetic Nanostructures

Magnetic Nanostructures for High Density Storage Media (Perales, Tomar, Rinaldi, Eom, Voyles)
Metal Oxide Magnetic Semiconductors Solid Solutions (Uwakweh, Tomar, Voyles, Hellstrom)
Nanoparticle Surface Functionalization and Biosensor Development (Rinaldi, Perales, Voyles)


Nanostructured Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors (Perales, Tomar, Uwakweh, Eom, Stone, and Voyles)
Oxide-Based Heterostructures for Spintronic Devices (Tomar, Perales, Uwakweh, Eom, Voyles, Hellstrom

Nanocomposites: Synthesis and Characterization
(Suárez, Hellstrom, Stone)

The need of lightweight materials for efficent aerospatial applications has prompted the development of aluminum composite materials. Boride particles are used as reinforcements for aluminum or aluminum alloy matrices. In order to optimize the incorporation (in situ formation) of those borides the reactivity of MgB2 particles in contact with aluminum melts and the associated kinetics are studied. The liquid metal is treated so as to control particle growth upon fabrication. Mechanical behavior of this Al-B-X nanoreinforced composites will be established via conventional and advanced techniques.

Processing of Superconductors
(Uwakweh, Hellstrom, Larbalestier)

Processing of MgB2 Superconductors by High Intensity Ball Milling
Characterization of MgB2 and related superconductors

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